The Department for Children,Schools and Families

(DCSF) say play is fundamental to the successful development of every child - encouraging creativity, teaching children to learn about risk, helping with their physical development and raising self-confidence.

At Pear Tree Children's Centre we believe that very young children learn in a variety of ways  and we plan experiences that support them to develop all of their senses. We offer musical experiences where they are able to enjoy different instruments and sing, we have times were we move to music – both dancing and drama and have a variety of music playing for them to listen to and appreciate. We enable children to explore through the sense of touch and provide activities with different materials such as paint, gloop, dough, clay, sand and water and have a range of fabrics that encourage them to understand concepts such as soft, rough and smooth.


Children playing with sand





Children at play 


Heuristic Play


Share a Book with Your Baby



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