Pear Tree Seedlings

                                        Child on Slide

Pear Tree Seedlings are a group of pre-school  children aged 3-4 years who live in the local area. 

They come to play and learn alongside Pear Tree's Early Years 

children in a classroom at Pear Tree  for just under 2 hours each day.

All the children play and learn together whilst having fun with each other. 



There is a nominal cost of £1.00 per session which is for consumables eg fruit, drinks, art and craft  resources.

All the children benefit from this truly inclusive play opportunity.


If you would like to find out more about Pear Tree Seedlings, phone 01772 683609 for more details.


Alternatively, fill in an online registration, by clicking on the following link:

Seedlings Application Form 

Either hand the form into Pear Tree Childrens Centre, or send to


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