These days more mums return to work after having a baby and many parents turn to grandparents for help. One in three families depend on grandparents for childcare. While some grandparents are older, most of the grandparents who provide this childcare are of working age and many have given up work to do so. Others are trying to juggle work and care.

Grandparents and new babies


From April 2011 working age grandparents who provide 20 hours care or more each week for a child under 12 will be able to have their National Insurance contributions credited, to help build up their basic state pension.

Quotes About Grandparent

  1. Grandparenthood is a position of  privilege and pleasure but never see it as your second  go at parenthood. It is gloriously different!
  2. My daughter and I are so much closer now – she understands what I went through.”
  3. The one complaint that I have towards my mum is she didn’t let me breastfeed my daughter as much as I wanted to.”
  4. When you have your ownchildren you’re too busywashing and ironing, you can really  enjoy grandchildren 
  5. All I want is for my mum to listen, that’s all, because I trust her and she is the most trusted person I can speak to about my children
 Grandparents Website

A new guide for grandparents, ‘Family Life’, was launched by charity Grandparents Plus with advice and guidance on how grandparents can balance work and care, support teenagers and help families through difficult times. 

In support of the guide, Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families, Ed Balls said:I know that grandparents play an invaluable role in supporting family life and it's right that they have access to information and advice designed for them. That's why we have funded this new guide, which includes ten top tips from agony aunt Denise Robertson, to give grandparents the information and advice they need to help support their families. We are now giving grandparents the recognition they deserve. A new website,, means they can share their experiences with fellow grandparents and access handy advice on issues that might affect them. We’re also working to make sure that local services, like children's centres, are open to grandparents. And from April 2011, grandparents caring for children under 12 will be able to receive National Insurance contributions to recognise the care they provide to enable parents to work.Grandparents can be a valuable source of support for children and young people, particularly if their parents separate. This Government has removed a legal hurdle for grandparents in the courts, making it easier for them to apply for contact with their grandchildren to preserve this special relationship. And we’re also working hard for those grandparents who are raising their grandchildren. Last week the Budget announced that from April 2011 those who are caring for a relative’s child will no longer have their discretionary payments from local authorities taken into account when being assessed for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Benefit. This will make the children and carers in these often vulnerable families better off.

Grandparents Plus

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